How to Teach a Kid to Play Golf

golferTeaching golf to a youngster can be one of the most rewarding experiences that you can ever have in this game. Seeing joy on a child’s face watching the ball fly into the air after hitting it in the sweet spot for the first time is actually one of a kind moment. But just like any other sport, teaching golf to a child requires you to be very careful as children tend to lose concentration fast. You must ensure that you make the whole experience fun or else the kid will lose interest. In addition, don’t use technical terms that a small kid cannot understand because that will surely scare the kid away. It is recommended that you use simple terms and visual cues that they can easily understand. As said earlier, small kids tend to lose concentration pretty fast meaning that you should not feed them with a lot of information .The two most important things to focus on are encouragement and reward when they succeed.



Below a step to follow to follow when teaching a kid how to golf.

  1. Teach the kid how to putt.

Putting is one of the crucial and the most fundamental aspect of golfing and hence it is a good way to start. When teaching the kid, make sure that you start with simple strikes then progress to more technical ones with time. Start by showing the kid how to make short putts of 2 or 3 feet. This will help the kid to learn faster and it will help to build his/her confidence.

  1. Progress to longer uses.

Once you notice that the kid has learned how to make short putts, you can then progress to longer uses. Use a chalk or a string to make a good circle around a cup of about 3 foot radius. Then make another bigger circle just around the first circle of of about 5 feet radius. The main goal of the kid should be to hit the putt inside the circles. Assign points for every circle and award a point when the kid make a putt on the circle. By doing this, you will be encouraging the kid because the kid is less likely to make the putt on target.

  1. Move to the green.

Once you notice that the kid has learned the second step move to the green and show the kid basic chip short techniques but you should ensure that they don’t vary so much form the putting strike. Allow the kid to slowly chip the ball into the circle. If the kid is not able to make the ball airborne don’t criticize him/her. Instead, show him/her how to make the ball air bone in a better way. If necessary widen the circle so as to give him/her a chance to score some points.

  1. Show proper setup and grip.

Teach the kid setup and how to grip especially when you start teaching the kid full swing. Ensure that the kids is in the right position especially when you want him/her to grip. Feet shoulder width and the knee should be well positioned.

  1. Allow the kid to swing freely.

Once the kid has learned the first four steps, now allow him/her to swing with whatever comes naturally. Most of the time, kids tend to start with huge swing .If the kid happen to miss the ball, encourage him/her to try again but this time let him/her take half swing to boost his/her confidence. When correcting the kids ensure that you watch the movement of his/her feet because most children tend to step all round when swinging and that makes it much more difficult to hit the ball.

At the Golf Academy, where the “Future is Now,” we try to impress upon parents the importance of teaching children golf, as well as all of the benefits that come from learning the sport at an early age. We have recently purchased another bus for our summer program and will be setting a new route that will cover the Naples real estate area.